We offer both open and enclosed shipping across the U.S and Canada. Since we have our own trucks we know how a vehicle should be loaded and taken care of. We strive to handle every car as it is our own. Safe, secure and reliable.

Open Transport

An open carrier is the option most customers choose. It is cheaper than an enclosed transport and can be move fast because of the number of open slots available verses enclosed. Customers are concerned that by being on an open carrier that their vehicle is more susceptible to damage than if in an enclosed carrier. While this is true to a certain extent, open transport does far less damage to a vehicle than if driven on the open road. We also want to note that large trucks, trucks with lift kits and big tires can only be loaded in certain positions on the trailer and cost more to transport.

Enclosed Transport

Enclosed transport is more expensive and is highly recommended if you have a valuable newer vehicle, classic or muscle car. Pricing is based on the vehicle size, weight and distance. Since most of the enclosed trailers hold six normal sized cars, an SUV, Pickup or tall older car may take more than the standard 16 foot deck length, 50 inch height and 4000 pounds and may add additional cost because of the large vehicle taking up two positions.


Domestic transport is anywhere in the lower 48 states. Turbo Auto Transport can get your vehicle shipped within the lower 48 plus Alaska and Hawaii. When requesting quotes, please make sure to provide exact location for an accurate quote as remote communities outside of major cities may add additional charges.

To book Domestic transport, please complete the registration page, log in and complete the order form.

International Shipping

Turbo Auto Transport, LLC can ship your vehicle from the U.S. to anywhere in the world. Please call for details as we will need detailed information about the vehicle and your preference on the shipping method, i.e., roll on or container, in order to provide an accurate quote.

Canadian Transport

Turbo Auto Transport, LLC is a one-stop shop that has become the expert in cross-border transport. We know what it takes to move a vehicle across the border because this is what we do every day. There are many different scenarios as to the “nature of the move” and we can advise you to the requirements and if exemptions apply. Our customs specialists will inform you on what to expect during the export/import process, what is required to ship your vehicle before it is picked up and once it is delivered.

Turbo Auto Transport, LLC has terminals strategically located close to the border to service all major cities in Canada. Besides dealers, corporate relocation, job transfers, snowbirds and personal moves, many auto brokers use our service to transport and process their customer’s vehicles in and out of Canada. In addition to transport, our customs department will gather and process the customs paperwork for the customer making a smooth door-to-door delivery. Turbo is also bonded for Canada allowing us to transport your vehicle in-bond if required.

U.S. Terminals

  • Seattle, Washington servicing British Columbia (Vancouver, Vancouver Island, Kelowna, Kamloops)
  • Great Falls, Montana servicing Alberta (Calgary, Red Deer, Edmonton, Medicine Hat, western Saskatchewan)
  • Pembina, North Dakota servicing Manitoba (Winnipeg, surrounding area, eastern Saskatchewan)
  • Detroit, Michigan servicing Ontario and Quebec (Toronto, surrounding area, Ottawa, Montreal)
  • Buffalo, New York servicing Ontario and Quebec (Toronto, surrounding area, Ottawa, Montreal)

Canadian Terminals

  • Confined to major cities within Canada.

Source a Vehicle Service

Turbo Auto Transport has developed a network of dealers and auto purchasing brokers throughout the U.S. and Canada. These dealers and brokers have access to onsite inventories, dealer auctions and networks to source vehicles. We have set up a page for you to submit your dream vehicle request and we will source the vehicle for you through our “preferred dealer network”.